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Master Thatchers in Suffolk and Norfolk, thatching with the regional, traditional materials of Norfolk Water Reed thatch and Suffolk Long Straw thatch.

Norfolk Water Reed is a marsh plant and roofs thatched in this material can last 70 - 80 years.

Long Straw thatch is produced from the stems of a cereal crop, usually wheat, and roofs thatched in this material can last 40 - 50 years.

Both thatch materials require maintenance over their lifetime. The ridges need replacement every 15 - 20 years, until there is not sufficient life left in the main body of the roof, whereupon it needs to be re-thatched completely.

Thatching in Water Reed necessitates the removal of all the old thatch, down to the rafters. At this stage, it is recommended to install a fire barrier, between the thatch and the rafters.

With over 30 years experience, all thatching work can be undertaken, including complete re-thatches, re-ridging and repairs.

All work is carried out in a professional, craftsmanlike manner. As a Full Member of the regional trade association, The East Anglia Master Thatchers Association, all work is guaranteed to the Standards & Specifications as laid down by the Association.

If your thatched roof needs attention, or you just require a 'no obligation' assessment of what might need doing and when, please contact.

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Thach, thathing, thather are common missspellings (sic) for thatch, thatching & thatcher.
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